Small fishing boats

Small fishing boats are suitable for small groups, taking a private tours on the bay.

Guests can decide the time to departure or return, even small boats can approach to wild beaches that can not be reached by large boats.

Some small boat can takes high speed, that make the tours less time than large boats.

Some boats are super small, super slow but super quiet, rowed by fishermen…..

1.Rowing boat:
Length: 4 ms
Width: 1.5 ms
Engine: 2 hands with 2 paddles (1 hp - Strong guy)
Seat: max 4
Speed: super slow (but super quiet)

2.Wooden fishing boat:
Length: 7 ms
Width: 3 ms
Engine:15 hps 
Seat: max 8
Speed: Fast 

3. Small fishing boat:
Length: 6 ms
Width: 2.5 ms
Engine:12 hps 
Seat: max 6
Speed: Fast 

4. Steel fishing boat:
Length: 8.5 ms
Width: 3 ms
Engine: 24 hps 
Seat: max 8
Speed: super fast 

5. Fibergrass boat
Long: 12m
Wide: 3.3m
Seats: 12
Bathroom: 1
Engine: 44 HPS
Top roof: cover 
Manufacture: 2017

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