Trung Trang cave

Trung Trang cave is on the island’s crossing road, 12 km north-west from Cat Ba town to north pole of Cat Ba island. It is the largest valley of Cat Ba island, 300 ha of area and 10-30m lower than the sea level.Inside the cavern, you will see a diversity of shapes formed by stalactites. On the roof, a vestigate of sediment is proved by sellfish shell stuck to the ceiling. The music of rock acoustic instrument is unique in Cat Ba with high rising or low falling sound.

Trung Trang Cave is one of the largest caves of Cat Ba archipelago, most typical for the cave population in Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve, a very attractive tourist destination, attracting tens of thousands domestic and international tourists annually to visit this place. 
Trung Trang cave along with a number of other caves are found traces of ancient Vietnamese people residing on the island for over 6000 years such as Cai Beo Ruins, Eo Bua cave, Tien Duc cave ...

Trung Trang Cave has many different shades and names. Formerly known as the Bat cave because there are many bats living in the cave. During the war, Vietnam’s Navy of Information and Communication used the cave to make radios and stationed in its, so it was called the Navy cave.

Trung Trang cave was formed tens of millions of years ago, when water flowed through the mountain was hollow, eroding limestone mountains, the cave has a length of about 300m through the mountain, It has thousands of stalactites with numerous various shapes. Coming here, tourists are not only surprised by the wonderful beauty, and the strange creation of nature, but also know a legend story about Cat Ba Island and Trung Trang Cave.

It is said that in the past, Cat Ba was a beautiful archipelago and also a very important strategic point of Vietnamese so foreign invaders many times. In order to preserve the land of the country and protect the people on the island, at that time there was a Princess, who is said to be Mrs. Trung Trang’s princess, she summoned young men to go to the sea to fight the enemy. Only the women behind did the rear work, so the island was called Cat Ba island. The small island off the coast, where men set up a battle line against the enemy, is called Cat Ong Island. After a long time, people from all over around resided here to live more and more and people called to deviate to Cat Ba and Cat Ong islands today.

After helping the people to chase away the enemy, Trung Trang’s princess returned to this cave to cultivate and protect the people on the island to have a peaceful life. Her name is Trung Trang cave now.

Entering the cave entrance, visitors will immediately see the image of a young woman nestled on a cliff. On the cave door, visitors also come across the image of a Python which is said to be the mascot given to guard the cave by Trung Trang’s princess. Going deep into the cave entrance, visitors will go from surprise to surprise when contemplating, admiring and discovering countless unique images of stalactites that the wonderful hands of nature have created over millions of years as the vivid sculptures of many talented sculptors.

What is an eagle stealing the princess from the story of Thach Sanh to the cranes on the Dong Son bronze drums or pictures of Black Rock Turtle - the army of the princess. Away from the cave gate about 20m, visitors cannot help overwhelmed by the shimmering beauty of stalagmites and stalactites. Legend has it that this place is the treasure of the princess Trung Trang with gold pillars, silver pillars and iridescent diamonds.

More interesting when visitors see the image of a golden-haired lion below that the legend tells that it is the god who holds the treasure of the Princess. Each image here is associated with different fascinating stories and legends.

Continuing further into the cave, visitors will encounter large cave arches with countless magnificent stalactites, intertwined with small cave arches making visitors feel like going from these mazes to the other tunnels. In the middle of the cave, visitors will see a natural map that shapes the country of Vietnam and the location and shape of the Cat Ba archipelago. Then comes the stalactite image that resembles an ancient mummy statue, followed by the crocodile lake and the flock of rock with interesting sounds when visitors type.

Continuing to explore, visitors are surprised and want to find out both the way to heaven and the hell with two different mysterious roads. A large cave arch with many strange traces such as foot traces, hands still imprinted on the cave wall which is said to be the place where God practiced martial arts.

Next is the image of Cat Ba Langur, a creature that nature has bestowed on the Cat Ba archipelago that no other place in the world has. Next to it is the precious sword of the Lord who passed on the descendants of thousands of generations to continue the career of protecting the shore and the beautiful Cat Ba archipelago.
Near the cave gate is the image and the worshiping ceremony of Princess, surrounded by flanking elephants and surges increasing the mysterious and solemn appearance.

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