Dragon Boat racing festival in Cat Ba island

The traditional festival is held every year in memory of Uncle Ho's visits Cat Ba Fishing Village on March 31, 1959 to encouraging the fishermen in Cat Ba fishing village and protect the sky and sea. Since then, this day has become a traditional day of Vietnamese Fisheries industry, the opening day of Cat Ba tourist season. The big festival with many historical meanings takes place solemnly in Cat Ba island.

The opening ceremony is the traditional fisherman's ceremony of coastal areas with the traditional rituals of spirituality and respect of the coastal people. The ceremony for fishermen is an opportunity for the fishermen to express their gratitude to the Sea God, the spirits of Tien Linh, Son Than, the Earth, their predecessors who have defended their national and persevered for the people are healthy, fish and shrimp are abundant, fishermen meet with good luck things, and the people are happy.

After the ceremony of Le Cau Ngu is the ceremony to launch troops the aquatic resources. This is an annual activity of Cat Hai district in order to follow Chairman Ho Chi Minh's teachings when he came to visit the island in 1959 "gold forest and the silver sea are owned by us"

An indispensable activity in the traditional Fishing Village Festival is the Dragon Boat Competition on the sea between the home team of Cat Ba, Cat Hai district and the other teams from the coastal areas of Quang Ninh, North Central and other localities, Vinh Bao, Tien Lang, Thuy Nguyen district...

Dragon boat racing on the sea carries the main idea of ​​Dragon boat from Cat Ba sea, which rises in the Dragon Bay of the country, connecting with friends and cordially with all regions of the country.

Dragon boat racing on the sea has a shape of 11m long and 1.5m wide, which is built very feats, each boat has from 22 to 26 people. The 3km long route has a signal flag at both ends, the racing boat will have to row 3 laps, the boat that finishes first will win the prize. The choice of strong rowers, the driver is considered to be the winner of the boat, because they have to handle extremely accurately when cornering, so that the boat longer than ten meters can make the fastest round.

In addition to the exciting Dragon Boat Race from the beginning to the last minute to find the winning team to receive the prize of the Organizing Committee, the Association also has competitions, windsurfing, basket boat racing of residents people in coastal areas. Another new feature in the Cat Ba Village Festival is the Dragon boat races of female players in a 30-minute, very exciting and urgent. These are really sports and cultural activities that work to train the persistence and patience of each individual in a collective, and at the same time train the professional quality and courage for the flag colors of the country.

After the activities held during the day, the evening was the program to celebrate Uncle Ho's visits the Fishing Village, the traditional Vietnamese seafood industry and the opening of Cat Ba tourism. Especially, there is an art program and drumming to open the tourist season, which is broadcast live on Vietnamese Television and Hai Phong Province’s Television.

Up now, Cat Ba archipelago extended its arms to welcome visitors from all over the world to visit and experience.The traditional festival to celebrate Uncle Ho's visits the fishing village and the opening of the annual Cat Ba tourist season takes place in the center of Cat Ba Island for its natural scenery, attracting millions of visitors to visit. Every year, therefore, the sound of the festival always creates a wide spread, contributing to the socio-economic development of the district.

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