Monkey island (another name is Cat Dua island)

Monkey Island is about 1.5 km from Cai Beo wharf. To Monkey Island, visitors usually go by boat from Cat Ba town or take boat from Cai Beo wharf about 20 minutes. In peaceful water waves, the four sides are limestone ranges covered with lush green forests, passing through Cai Beo fishing village, Monkey Island appears.

Monkey Island is also known as Cat Dua island because there are many pineapple trees on the island. In the season of ripe yellow fruits look eye-catching. Previously on the island, there were many pineapple trees bearing fruit. Fishman on Lan Ha Bay often come here to take home to cook or dry as medicine to cure the liver and can soak alcohol.

Monkey Island, under the management of Cat Ba National Park, has been included in tourist attraction point for many years. On the island there are about 30 golden monkeys, They often go to the beach to play with tourists, eat food provided by visitors such as fruits, candies. Up now, people call it by Monkey Island.

Monkey Island has a circumference of about 3km. This is a mountainous island with sandy beaches formed over millions of years. Waves and winds bring sand, rocks, corals and all kinds of creature shells into the foothills to form sandy beaches of kilometers long. Monkey Island has 2 arc-shaped beaches that are Cat Dua beach 1 and Cat Dua beach 2.

Cat Dua Beach 1 (for public) is longer than the others, this is an ideal bathing spot because the sea water here is clear and blue. The service here has a thatched roof restaurant so visitors can sit on the beach and drinks. In addition, there are some other services such as bathing suits, fresh water bath and kayaks rental.

Cat Dua Beach 2 is on the right-hand and hidden behind a tiger-shaped ridge. The beach has a garden of thousands square meters with trees like wild pineapple, maple tree, white apple tree ... and many different birds. Coming to Cat Pineapple 2, visitors can relax at Monkey Island Resort. The resort has 30 rooms built in the style of a bungalow with thatched roofs. Each house is a room with air conditioning, hot water, setellite TV, free internet. This is a good ideal to relax, swim in the sea then enjoy delicious seafood on beach.

In the summer, when beaches in Cat Ba town more crowded, Monkey Island beach is an ideal place for travelers who want to avoid the noisy crowds when going to the beach. Monkey Island Beach is the place for travelers traveling in groups or families because here everyone has a lot of relaxing space.

When visiting Monkey Island, some tourists like to explore can climb up the top of mountain to take a panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay with hundreds islands growing on the clear blue water and white sand.

Monkey Island has become a highlight of Lan Ha Bay, Which's an atractive point of Cat Ba archipelago.

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