Cannon Fort - Top view on Cat Ba island

In about 1938, French colonialist occupied Cat Ba island, after investigating the island, French army discovered that among 366 islands of Cat Ba archipelago, the moutain with the height of 177m is located in the South and meets impotant requirements for observation and self-defence in the seashore. Therefore, they choose this mountain to palce “Height 177”. In 1942, they decided to arrange cannon battle field here.

In some recent years, the sightseeing place “Cannon Fort” has attracted a large number of visitors and is one of indispensable attractions every visistors come to Cat Ba island.

Apart from trench sections embanked with large and thick cubic meters of stone, bulky sections compared with domes going deep into hill side and enough large space for the whole delegation to pass though. All neglected and simple features bring tourists a special impression of historical evidence which is nearly undamages.

Sightseeing points in Cannon Fort include:
Command post of fortress
The whole fortress is under direation of command post. Orders made by the Command post will be sent to other departmants. This is also place where activities of the fortress command post as well as meetings of fighting plan happen.

Cannon no.1 and no.2 of  “Cannon Fort” can control the whole gateway of Hai Phong Port. Also in this height, during the battle against war escalating to the North of American air force, Cat Ba soldiers and people came here to form an air-defence battle field with 12.7 mm cannon and rifles. In the air-defence battle on the Height 177, Vietnamese army and people shot down 6 American planes that contributed to glorious feats of Viet Nam.

Military airport
This used to be the location of French transporting helicopter. In the future, when Cat Ba is allowed to open routes, it will be the park, a favourable means for tourists to Cat Ba.

Historical Objects Showroom
There is a map table placed in the middle of traditional room to describe an overall picture of Cat Ba island focussing on the Height 177. The traditional room records a heroic time of Cat Ba's people through models, weapons, display tools and objects used to in the mighty wars of Viet Nam. This is not only tourist attraction but also education space of national history.

Love room
This place is for family members to visit and encourage soldiers who are protecting the island all day and night. It is the space to share love of parents, wife and children. From that meaning. The room is called love room.

Atomic bomb shelter
Atomic bomb shelter is also called U-Tunnel shelter because it is uniquely built based on emulation of letter U. This type of shelter not only tunnel helping soldiers to avoid enemy but also partially describes their daily life during war.  The shelter can hold 500 people with dining-room, kitchen, eating room and room for patients to recover from their illness. It is designed with ventilation way up to airport area. Tourists can touch rock walls while walking to feel coolness inside the shelter.

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