Hoa Cuong cave

EntranceHoa Cuong cavern is in the North-East mountain and is the residence of Gia Luan commune’s community, in the north of cat ba island, adjoining Ha Long bay and the ferry station to Tuan Chau island of Quang Ninh province.

The cavern stands at 15-20 m from resident surface or 50 m  from sea level. It’s about 10 m high. The largest width of the cavern is 25 m and the length is about 100 m. Above the gate are stalactites of various of shepes like splendid carving work. There is a small lake where the light reflects splendidly making a fanciful sight. The stalactites assume shapes of statues of human and animals are creating a backdrop like pictures of mythology.

 Archaeologists fould fossil’s tooth of ancient pithecanthropes in this place which is estimated at 100 thounsand years old. These and other fossils found in Keo Leng cave of Lang Son province and some caves in Yen Lac, Hoa Binh are the proof demonstrating the existence of ape-men in Vietnam ten thousands years ago. This question has been discussed for hundred years about apportioned areas which have pithecanthropes.

Though Hoa Cuong cavern is not far from the inhabitants’s area, it’s still an untouched and uncorrupted welth of nature and it is the popular destination for tourists and reseachers at Cat Ba island.

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