Thien Long Cave

Phu Long carvern looks like a maze in heaven with a strait gate and heave of rocks formed from acient times and facing to the south. Crossing the gate, you will see the endless space adorned by a low arch of 1.5 to 2.1 m high. The arch is formed by curve large rocky edges and round deep holes. The first cave has a structure of a rock roof with a 1.5m rock pillar rising from floor. Visiting the cavern, tourist will have the opportunity to imagine the wonder of formation process from millions of years ago.
   From second cavern, you will pass many gates formed by falling and curved stalactites. The main gate looks like a curve arch with thousand of stalatites seemingly making a water fall. The secon cavern is a world of images of animals-like shapes made of stalactites. Inside the second cavern, there a lot of huge tree roots that cascade straight down as ladders in a fairy tale setting.

   The second cavern’s arch is relatively high, sparkling as it is inlaid with silver-like a starry sky. From above are golden and silver springs that flows down and fancifully twinkling as they beamed by the fire light.
   There is a gate from second to third cavern, to gain access through it, tourists will climb through a big turtle looking stalactite. The third cavern is devided in to 2 zones: the left is God’s palace and the right is Buddha’s temple with golden parasol, dragon throne, statues of deities, fairy nymphs and 4 deities carved on dragon pillars. All are made of stalactites that excite the human imagination.
   Thien Long cavern is also a place where skeletons of ancient people are preserved. The cavern possesses a certain degree of mystery because it was an area where pirates resident long time ago.

Mangrove forest
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